Normunds Goba

Normunds Goba

Normunds Goba


Work experience: 25 years


Nationality: Latvia



-How did you find out about wefind?

– my friends told me, they say – the joint is ok, the wage is fair, paid on time, the conditions are good

– what do you like about working with wefind?

– long-term projects, excellent communication with craftsmen, we use whatsapp, where in a group we get a task for the day, drawings, a list of tools. This reduces the time for irrational skittering, and everything is always at hand, when you need something – you type it, immediately get it, get help.

– what would you like to correct?

– there is nothing specific; if there is something, we immediately decide on favorable terms for everyone 

– would you recommend working with wefind to your friends and acquaintances?

– I’ve already done, I’m waiting for a friend to come and start working soon


Age: 50

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