What you need to know about rotational work in Finland

  • Finland is an EU country and, accordingly, the requirements for compliance with the labor regime are high. This applies not only to the employer, but also to the employee;
  • if you are employed through the outsourcing company Wefind, the work will be on-the-record, in accordance with Finnish law.
  • in Finland, there is a shortage of specialists in working professions. This is especially acute in the construction sector, so there is a lot of work for welders, installers, plumbers, finishers;
  • the employee must respect the chain of command, be as responsible as possible and carefully perform all his or her duties;


How to find a job in Finland

To find a job on a rotational basis with on-the-record employment, you can contact Wefind. The company’s specialists accompany employees not only during work, but also during preparation for it — they help with the collection of documents and advise on employment issues. They also take on many responsibilities:

  • travel payment and work visa processing;
  • organization of living conditions for the period of rotational work;
  • guarantee of labor safety at the facility;
  • guarantee of salary payments in accordance with Finnish law;
  • work only in proven companies and enterprises.

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