Personnel Appraisal: on the Staff or Outsourced

WeFind values its reputation, so it carefully selects personnel. Each person shall pass an interview, get a qualification assessment, and prove practical work experience. After approval of the candidate, a transfer is provided to the place where the specialist will be employed. If a candidate for some reason does not fit, or in the course of work could not prove his or her efficiency, Wefind will promptly replace him or her with another employee, or conduct retraining and training, depending on the reason for refusal.

On the Staff or Outsourced

It is not always easy for an employer to understand, whether to hire a specialist or to use the services of an outsourcing company. This is usually due to the novelty in the work – for example, at the initial stages of the project, it is difficult to assess the profitability and risks, and therefore it is dangerous to give a guarantee of long-term relationships to an employee. In this case, it is better to choose a reliable outsourcing company.

Similarly, fluctuations may occur if the company has never turned to outsourcing services and has not yet studied this topic. Wefind specialists told us when to prefer one or another option.


When it is better to hire specialists on the state:

  • specialists are required in a core department of the company;
  • specialists are required in a non-core department, but the company has the financial and managerial resources to open a new site, and, most importantly, there is confidence that the department will have a high workload throughout the year.


When you need the help of an outsourcing company:

  • when staff is required for temporary work;
  • when there is a need for highly specialized work that is not related to operational business processes;
  • when there is a real shortage of personnel, but there is no possibility to attract employees from other regions.


If you need high-quality work with a guarantee of results – Wefind has its own management system that not only provides for increasing employee motivation, but also really increases their performance. For young professionals, there is training that increases the professionalism and expertise of employees. All relationships are on the record, both for candidates and for customer companies.  First of all, a contract is signed, which specifies the obligations of the parties and the terms of work. At the same time, regardless of the complexity, project activities will be carried out at the highest level. WeFind – we select the best!

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