About us

We are a recruitment company that specializes in providing reliable and skillful workforce for Finnish employers. The specialists we provide are coming from Finland and we specialize in seeking skilled workforce from the Baltics that we bring to Finland.

Our team has an extensive experience in recruitment across various industries and our services are available throughout Finland.

It is very important for us to deliver flexibility and efficiency. Currently our main focus industries are construction and shipbuilding where we have truly extensive experience finding the right candidate for the shift work.

We are also part of a reliable partner program called Tilaajavastuu Oy, our information is available at tilaajavastuu.fi.

Reliable Partner


Finding a skilled workforce within the EU requires extensive contact lists and partnerships. That is why every single one of our office-based employees have been carefully evaluated on their skillset, professionalism, motivation and commitment.


We provide companies with comprehensive human resource services:



Staff leasing

We deliver a reliable and skilled workforce for various industries. Our core competency is to provide workforce for construction, transport and logistics industries. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, we can hire specialists for your needs from any of the EU countries and, if needed, arrange housing and provide employee with all the necessary tools to start his/her employment with you. In order to serve our customers in the best possible way, for specific jobs we are constantly looking for skilled labor outside Finland.

Main reasons why to hire professionals through us:

  • To meet your needs, we are searching for a skilled workforce throughout the EU
  • We strongly focus on your core business need
  • Speed in recruitment, you can get skilled worked almost immediately
  • Cost Effectiveness, you only pay for the time that the worker is at your disposal
  • Availability of workforce in all situation: holidays, sick leaves, seasons

Headhunting / Recruitment

Direct recruitment is a good solution when you need an employee for a long-term job – management or expert position. We handle the whole recruitment process from start to finish on a turnkey basis. If necessary, we can handle only part of the recruitment process, such as the application process or pre-selection of matching applicants, and you can manage the rest of the recruitment process yourself.

The Outsourcing

We are the best partner if you would like to outsource some of your company tasks. Our staff have an expertise and experience in outsourcing projects across a wide range of industries. Outsourcing helps you improve the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your services.

We also provide customized HR services for various industries including:

  • Construction divestment and annual inspection and repair services
  • Holidays in the transportation industry



We are a reliable employer that takes care of its employees. If necessary, we can provide housing, organize trainings for occupational safety cards that are required for various jobs in Finland as well as help the employee to obtain their professional qualifications.

Our customers are constantly looking for a skilled workforce, mainly in the construction, transport and logistics sectors. Direct recruitment is part of our range of services and where the workforce is directly employed by our client company. Employee hire is an effective way to get employed fast.

We offer the following benefits to our employees:

  • Competitive salary
  • Regular and timely pay
  • Get a job fast
  • Housing assistance
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Opportunity to see different jobs and customer companies
  • An opportunity to enhance your work experience